Following the McClures - Donegal to Botetourt

by:  Joseph W. McClure of Chester, VA; George E. Honts, III of Fincastle, VA; and Ellwyn Worley of Springfield, MO.

        The book "Following the McClures - Donegal to Botetourt" sells for $40.00 and $5.00 for shipping.

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George E. Honts, III
P.O.Box 110
Fincastle, Va 24090.

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Copies are available at the  Northwest Genealogical Society in Vincennes, Indiana and
Botetourt Historical Society in Fincastle, Virginia.

This 450 page book traces the McClure family of Botetourt and Rockbridge counties, Virginia from its origina in  County Donegal, Ireland in the mid-17th Century through the first half of the 10th Century.

The book also contains the most comprehensive genealogy of the McClures and their kin published to date with lineages of approximately 10,500 individuals.  This book is a culmination of five years of joint research by the authors and many more years of individual work done by each of them.

The book is hardbound and fully indexed.  Proceeds of sales, after publication costs, will benefit the Botetourt County Historical Society, Inc.

The social history contained within this work is beneficial to anyone who had ancestors in the area during the early settlement.