Some Books on Rockbridge County

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New Monmouth Presbyterian Church {Records}. Microfilm- 5 reels.

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Civil War

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Rockbridge County Militia, 1st Battalion, 8th Regiment, Roster Book of the Militia, 1841-1862.

Court and Vital Records

Douthat, James L. Rockbridge County, Virginia: Deed Book B, 1788-1793.

Douthat, James. Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book B, 1788-1793. (Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain Press.)

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Rockbridge County Courthouse Records 1778-1880. Reels 1-55 filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1953; reels 56-65 filmed by the Virginia State Library, 1980. Deed Book I was not filmed. WLU M-Film 65 reels have indexes. These reels include Deeds 1778-1887, Wills, 1778-1868, Order Books 1778-1821, (1821-41 in Circuit Court Deed Book 1, reel 20), Minute Books 1825-67, Chancery Order Books 1831-67, Marriages Registers 1778-1913, Birth Registers, 1853-1896, Plat Record Book 1, 1787-1799, Index to Decided Causes 1778-1948, Muster Roll 1861-65, Indexes are included as well as some Surveys, Estrays, and Miscellaneous Marriages. (Some of these reels are available at RRL also, reels 1, 18, 31, 52, 53)

Rockbridge County, Virginia Records, 1778-1912. Washington and Lee Special Collections. Scattered records including tax lists, ordinary licenses, muster rolls, lists of slaves, court cases, election polls.

Ruley, Angela M. Rockbridge County Virginia Death Register, 1853-1870; Death Certificates 1912-1917. (Athens, GA: Iberian Publishing Company, 1991).

General Interest

Allen, John T., III. Lost Landmarks of Goshen. (Staunton, VA: McClure Printing, nd).

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Butler, Lauren L. "Splendid Failures": The Meaning of the James River and Kanawha Canal and the North River Navigation. (Lexington, VA: Stonewall Jackson House, 1985).

Coppage, A. Maxim III, comp., Rockbridge County Virginia Notebook (compiled from articles written by Dr. George West Diehl in the News Gazette, Lexington, VA)

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United States. Census Office. 7th Census, 1850. 1850 U. S. Census, Rockbridge County, VA (John F. Schunk, ed.) (Wichita, KS: S-K Publications, 1988. This is a microfilm copy from the original census in book form.

Virginia Canals and Navigation Society. The Maury River Atlas: Nineteenth Century Inland Navigations of the Virginias. (Lexington, VA: The Society, 1991).

Waddell, Harrington. John Robinson of Hart's Bottom; and Tells of Jockey Robinson Monument; and A Family of Builders (1932).

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